The Marquis EP

by The Marquis

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MelancholyMakesTheMusic Great EP! Lil bb is easily one of the best tracks of 2015. Favorite track: Lil bb.
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Debut EP of The Marquis. Recorded, mixed, and mastered in Montreal, Canada.


released October 16, 2015

Written, arranged, composed, and performed by Dillon Steele
Produced by Dillon Steele and Charlie Twitch
Bass Guitar performed by Charlie Twitch
Cello performed by Christophe Cinq
Mixed and Mastered by Charlie Twitch



all rights reserved


The Marquis Montreal, Québec

solo project of multi-instrumentalist and composer, dillon steele.

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Track Name: All My Friends Slowly Start to Die
dust collecting on a mantelpiece
a empty head full of memories
a spider runs from the morning light
we are the creatures of the night

the broken widow brought to her knees
at the feet of Salome
she screams 'I'm no longer having fun'
Dionysus always keeps the young

slowly start to die...

her beauty is now wreathed in pain
all she can do is medicate
because she feels him every time
that the rain falls from the sky

incoherent thought begins the decent
into her new life of loneliness
sacrifice upon the funeral pire
fall to your knees and taste the fire

all my friends slowly start to die...
Track Name: Lil bb
Spent your night tearing up old photographs
You won't need them anymore
Nobody cares that you're alone tonight
No one will even take your call...

You should be used to this by now
But your heart won't take a hint
You're nothing more than yesterday's coffee stain
Collecting bits of dryer lint

But you can transform
You can break free
From the lifeless

It's not the end
You're still so young
You just need a friend
Someone to love

Oh little blind boy
how could you see
Through all your anger
What was happening?

You sang your song
For love and loss
But you never knew
What loving truly was

You asked for death
And you begged for mercy
But a martyr's pain
Is never worthy

You dug your grave
And you cried at the sight of blood
Cause you never knew
What judgement truly was

Now saint john's head
Is on your plate
But the marquis just sighed
At the sight of Salome

We have no time
For the games of gods or idols
Then the marquis descends
From the desolation of venus

The renaissance was in Manhattan
The super creeps knew what to do
You're seeing patterns on the wall again
What happened to the boy you knew...

Whether or not you still remember
That little blind boy is now dead
And in his place is something much more alive
They call him the marquis instead.
Track Name: Venus Laid Waste
this is a distraction...

silence the night with noise
i can feel it coming
we scream to fill the void
and sacrifice the holy
the man with the silver tongue
jumps over the moon
confusion kills our idols
under the new moon
i walk amongst the carnage
on frozen thoroughfares
i fade into obscurity
and noone fucking cares
i sit within these walls
and curse the break of day
when light shining through
reveals horrific fate

this place is a wasteland
just endless fields of brick and steel
this place is a wasteland
no lessons learned, no pages turned
this place is a wasteland
what do you feel when nothing's real
this place is a wasteland
this place is a wasteland

in this the holy hour
we are given sweet release
your lips turn black and blue
you drift away with ease
i walk down hollow streets
faces masked in apathy
gliding through life
on manufactured dreams

this is a distraction...
Track Name: Ghost
nothing escapes from this bleak house
not you, not me
moonlight walks in the garden
ghosts dancing peacefully

we scream until our voices hurt
fuck you, fuck me
now all I see is your silhouette
banished to my memory

and when the lights go out
i know it's you haunting me
i know it's you

i know it wasn't a good idea
but i would do it if you want
i would do it if you asked me to

no it wasn't a good idea
but i would do it if you want
i would do it if you asked me to

my tears were streaming endlessly
don't look at me
you're the ghost in all my dreams
sweet kisses on my cheek

and when the lights go out
i know it's you haunting me
i know it's you
Track Name: Ancient House of Venus
i was the only son
of the ancient house of Venus

chosen by Icarus
to protect the holy blood

father hands down the line
fills the cup with blood red wine

Vesuvius erupts
and demands a sacrifice